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Together at our Canteen.

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Welcome to our Canteen

Welcome to our Canteen, where health, taste, and education unite. Our menu explores a world of flavors, catering to all dietary preferences while promoting sustainability.

Our onsite garden allows students to understand the journey from farm to plate, fostering an appreciation for ecology.

We provide delicious meals that suit everyone's schedule. Join us as we embrace the motto: Eat Well, Learn Well, and Be Well - Together at Our Canteen!

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Our Mission

  • Serve nutritious, enjoyable food promoting student health and informed eating choices.
  • Make the canteen integral to our wellness strategy, intertwining the daily menu with school policies.
  • Prioritize local and school-grown produce for a sustainable, garden-to-plate connection.
  • Leverage meals as lessons in nutritional awareness.
  • Foster inclusivity by engaging all school members, celebrating global cuisines, and inviting continuous feedback
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All Day Dining

We cater to all appetites and schedules, opening from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Start the day with a hearty breakfast of bagels, pancakes, fresh juices, and more. Enjoy wholesome lunches, take advantage of our snack options, or grab a refreshing juice from our juice bar.

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Food, Fun, And Education

Our canteen is more than a place to eat; it's a learning hub. We create an atmosphere that encourages socializing and bonding.

Smaller kids can explore and select their food playfully, enhancing their understanding of nutrition. For an interactive treat, watch our pancake making machine in action!

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Parent Power

Parents, your involvement can make our canteen even more special! Spend a day sharing recipes, gardening or assisting over lunchtime, and witness the joy it brings to our young diners. The cherry on top?

Your kids will receive free meals on your volunteer day, and you get a glimpse of their exciting school life. Together, let's create delicious memories! Click here to choose your date and time for volunteering. You will be guided to our Calendar Planner powered by Calendly.


Garden-To-Table Journey

Cultivating curiosity and care for nature, our canteen integrates gardening into daily practices. Our onsite garden enriches students' grasp of food, ecology, and sustainability, demonstrating the journey from seed to delicious plate.

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Mindful Dining, Minimal Waste

At our canteen, we're deeply committed to reducing food waste. We carefully plan our meals to align with students' appetites and manage our inventory judiciously. Leftovers are creatively repurposed into next-day dishes or composted for our garden. Our focus on portion control and education helps students understand the value of food and our collective responsibility in minimizing waste.

The Heart of ISB Canteen

Meet Magdalena, the heart and soul of our canteen and also a proud parent.

With a rich background in culinary arts and a strong belief in the importance of nutrition, she leads the way in delivering healthy and tasty meals to our community.

Joined by her passionate team, Magdalena eagerly awaits the opportunity to serve and delight you with a variety of food experiences tailored to our diverse school community.

Healthy Lunch Bowl

opening hours

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4pm ​​

Only during school opening hours, for students and caregivers of the school.


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